Hello, my name is Wailana. I’m a travel writer and editor.

A hapa from Hawaii, I’ve been traveling from the ripe old age of 2 and over the years family summer trips have developed into a lifelong passion for travel. Growing up both in Hawaii and the Middle East ruined me for the 9-to-5 thing, so I continuously make up ways to keep writing and traveling.

I’ve traveled through 38 countries and lived in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Morocco, South Korea, Oregon, Iceland and now Sweden. My work has appeared in numerous publications including Slow Travel Stockholm, Matador Network, The Blonde Abroad, Willamette Intl Travel, Fluent U and Vacaykit.

I just moved to Stockholm. When I’m not freelancing, I’m navigating my way through this large and interesting city.

I’m a sucker for: creative nonfiction, obscure histories, urbanex, constructed languages, alliteration and world mythologies. 

You can find me on Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn and Contently

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I write for several publications, some on a regular basis. I’m the Expat Expert over at The Blonde Abroad and the in-house Travel Correspondent over at Willamette Intl Travel. You can read more work here.


For my dispatches from around the world, click here.



When I’m not working on travel stuff, I’m writing literary nonfiction or dabbling in web development. 

I also edit and proofread my photo book. This book is a collaboration with my photographer friend Anna Gorin and will be based on my master’s thesis on Iceland. You can buy it in the Winter of 2016 if you like pretty pictures of otherworldly topography. 


Ready to get started? I’m just an email away.

Contact me at waikalama (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’m taking on new projects at the moment, and welcome general questions on travel and travel writing.