I’ve been a little AWOL for a while now, mainly because I’ve been busy working getting a new magazine out from the production floor and onto the shelf.  Almost Fearless is a new magazine for parents who love travel and adventure. We have an amazing team under Christine Gilbert, 2014 National Geographic Traveler of the… Read More

I’ve been in Vilnius for 6 weeks now, fortunate enough to eat out on numerous occasions, and the food continues to inspire. The staples here are meat and potatoes, but beyond the traditional roundups, I’ve also enjoyed succulent fried fish (with the head on thank you!), sliced pig ears, rhubarb pastries, and who knows how… Read More

  Her headscarf was the color of daffodils, tightened into a knot at the base of her neck.  Around me, people moved in and out of the village. We were in one of those heritage towns that reconstructed life in the Middle Ages. In times past, when a sliver of iron could buy you an… Read More

  It’s mid-July when I’m writing this report, where I look back these past six months and track the growth of my travel writing business. This is the time to assess my progress, to reevaluate my goals and share with the greater community  how to make money as a travel writer / copywriter. Many freelancers… Read More

  It seems that every year on my birthday, this blog undergoes a transformation. Sometimes it becomes personal, once it transformed into a study abroad blog, then a work abroad blog—briefly it became a host for my creative nonfiction writing. During the latest transformation, when I was refocusing my website to concentrate on the business… Read More