Wailana Kalama

Freelance Travel Writer



Hello! My name is Wailana, and the name is Hawaiian because--guess what?--I'm from Hawaii.

I’m a travel journalist and copywriter.

I write numerous articles for blogs for travel influencers: travel agencies, travel tech businesses, and destination offices.

I also help clients devise content strategies, prepare editorial calendars, and design blogs with well-informed posts that draw in readers and keep them engaged.

I also prepare case studies, marketing emails, newsletters, brochures, flyers and e-books—writing sales copy that’s approachable, fresh and entertaining.

I'm also the Senior Editor of Almost Fearless, a magazine for parents who love travel & adventure, the Hawaii Writer for The Culture Trip and a Staff Writer for View Stockholm. 

I live and breathe travel. My journeys have brought me to 40 countries, and I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Morocco, South Korea, Oregon, Iceland and now Sweden. I moved to Stockholm in the summer of 2016. When I’m not writing, I’m navigating my way through this multifaceted city.

I aim to tell unusual and unique stories, uncovering aspects of a culture long-buried or under appreciated. I delve inside a place as much as I can, looking for surprises in its inhabitants, its history and the sciences. My writing aims to bring these unexpected gems to the surface.

You can find me on Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn and Contently

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